The goal of NORDeHEALTH is to enable further digitalization of the public health sector by providing concrete feedback to the national authorities in the respective countries, provide guidelines and frameworks for design, implementation and evaluation of personal eHealthservices (PeHS).

More specifically, NORDeHEALTH aims to

  1. Study the current implementation and adoption of PeHS in the Nordic countries to create new knowledge and in-depthunderstanding of challenges and opportunities
  2. Develop evidence-basede valuation frameworks and guidelines to help researchers and practitioners within and beyond the Nordic countries evaluate PeHS and their acceptability, and support successful implementation and adoption of PeHS
  3. Explore factors around co-design of PeHS through innovation projects focusing on patient-generated data and tools for patients' co-creation of the medical record, as well as providing best practice guidelines

The project is directed by Dr. Maria Hägglund, Department of Women's and Children's Health, Uppsala University and funded by NordForsk 2021-2023.